Arise! Walk about the land!

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  The days are finally warm and there is daylight after the workday is done, so get out and enjoy the world around you.  Think about how many different ways there are to get even 30 minutes of exercise. walk some blocks climb …


Garbage, Garbage, Garbage

First Lutheran Children’s Programs (FLCP) has begun composting with Garbage to Garden (GtG).  All the programs will dispose of their trash in a new and environmentally-friendly manner.  We as church members can also help, especially with our coffee hour waste. GtG has provided us with a 6-gallon bucket and a …

2016-04-29 How Deep Gods Love

So Broad, So Deep

For God’s love is so broad and deep that we are given the gift of forgiveness even before we recognize our need. God’s hand is always extended to us, ready to offer mercy. So when unexpected grace comes our way, when a relationship that was faltering suddenly receives new life, when our doubt is infused with hope, or when a light begins to glimmer in the darkness…this is the hand of God again reminding each of us that we are not alone.


Isaiah 58.11

One of the things I really like about First Lutheran are the gardens –the flower gardens, the shrubbery and trees, and the …

2016-04-16 sheep hearing voice

Christ the Good Shepherd

The 4th Sunday of Easter is often referred to as Good Shepherd Sunday. Each year the revised common lectionary, which we are …

2016-04-01 something new

New Adventures

Sunday, March 13 was an exciting day at First Lutheran!  It was the first day of the time change and those who …

2016-04-01 transition team

Congregational Transition Team

The Church Council is pleased to announce the formation of the Congregational Transition Team.  The Transition Team will work with Pastor Anne …