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    Give a Child a Chance

    Saturday, June 13 9 AM – 1 PM

    100% of your donation helps a neighborhood child attend First Lutheran preschool.

    To be successful, we are going to need your help!



Renovation Timetable

We have 3 major projects that we are pursuing: Kitchen Renovation, Sanctuary Carpeting,  Fellowship  Hall Bathrooms.   Money has already been received to support these projects. (Kitchen $24,000, Sanctuary $8,000) May 3  A detailed brochure outlining the scope of each  project  will be available May 4-24 Members and Friends will be …


Sore Knees

The knees hurt and it was not from praying…it was from lack of exercise and cold damp weather…yet I had just finished talking about something that is hard to do… intentionally look for the Good…yet it is a very good thing to do.  Since all good things come from God, …


Timberdoodles & Bogsuckers

Spring is in the air, so I can’t resist talking about birds.  This year’s featured bird is the American Woodcock, also known as a timberdoodle, bogsucker, night partridge, brush snipe, or hokumpoke.  It is one of the first birds to return to Maine each spring, and in fact, a few …