• Serving Homeless Families: GPFP

    What is GPFP?  GPFP is a national organization serving homeless families through the faith community.  GPFP will house up to 4 families (14 individuals maximum) at a time at local host churches. Churches will host for a week at a time on a rotating basis.  Families will have dinner, sleep, …

    Greater Portland Family Promise volunteers needed
  • All Are Welcome!

    Worship Schedule

    8:00 AM Traditional Worship
    9:30 AM Blended Service

    132 Auburn Street
    Portland, Maine 04103  (Directions)
    (207) 797-2525

    First Lutheran is a great place to bring your family and for kids to learn about God’s love in a caring Sunday Camp program.


  • Summer Streams: Take Two

    Dear friends in Christ, Psalm 121 has long been one of my favorites. Whether it was the simple hill behind our home in rural eastern Connecticut where I grew up, the Appalachian Mountains of our time in Pennsylvania, or the White Mountains where we have lived for 17 years, mountains …

  • Sweet Words

    O splendor of God’s glory bright
    O living spring of light from light:
    come, very Sun of truth and love;
    come with your radiance from above.
    Teach us to love with all our might;
    drive envy out, remove all spite;
    turn to the good each troubling care,
    and give us grace your name to bear
    -St. Ambrose, 4th century

    Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, lived during the years of 340-397. He was an archbishop in the early church, and championed the way of faith. He was the person who baptized Augustine, an adult convert to the faith, who became one of the most influential theologians of all time.

    Image of honey bees on honeycomb

Farewell, Dear Friend

Donna Grant, FLC Choir Director for some 40+ years, is moving soon.  Since her new home won’t allow for commuting, she will also retire from her position as choir director! On Sunday, August 20, 2017, the First Lutheran Church community pulled together to celebrate the gift of music brought to …

image of hanging basket in need of pruning

Summer Pruning

Dear members and friends of FLC, It is usually around this time of year that one of my hanging baskets (of flowers) looks ready to be thrown out. Lack of rain, forgotten watering, and the rich summer sun and heat all contribute to the problem. Earlier this week I looked …

image of homeless person's feet with no socks

A Great Need!

Try to imagine for a few minutes what it must be like to be without a home and to live outside in the rain, cold, or heat. Then try to imagine what a blessing it would be to have a clean pair of underwear to wear. Preble Street Resource Development …

Living Stones

Dear member and friends of FLC, This month I wish to thank you for being the living stones of faith for my …

Sanctuary Renovation Planning

The project team continues to meet regularly with the architect to review ideas and    options for renovations.  We received excellent input from …

photo of Jonas and his family

Jonas & His Family

Introducing Jonas and his parents, Gapapa Leon Nsengumuremyi and Beatrice  Nyirakazungu.  Jonas is 4 years old and one of the children the …

Luther & the Holy Spirit

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of Life… The Nicene Creed, Article III [su_pullquote align=”right”]Neither you nor I …