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The Celebration of Our Salvation Continues

Probably not!   Being a disciple of Jesus, a member of His body – the Church – and a partner in the specific ministry of First Lutheran means that we have ongoing joy, hope, and fulfilling promises from the Lord Jesus. As a disciple of Jesus, I am called to listen …

The Famous Therefore

One of my favorite Bible verses is from Romans 6. Here Paul is asking a question: I have often shared this passage at a pre-baptism conferences, and reminded folks that Paul expects an answer to his question, AND expects it to be YES. And then the famous “therefore”: Paul wants …


The Season of Epiphany

January brings us the season of Epiphany.  There will be some small changes to the worship services.  At both 8:00 and 10:30, …

Sunday December 14

Cookie Walk

December 14 ~ 18th Annual Cookie Walk will take place after all three services in the Fellowship Hall.