• Transition Team Notes Sept 2016

    Transitioning…FLC members and friends…”Pin Your Place.” Place a pin on the map in the Fellowship hall to show where you live…so we can see the geographical distribution of our congregation.

    Place Pins

A Future With Hope!

A Future with Hope is this year’s theme for our stewardship appeal and consecration Sunday (November 13th). We would like to invite all ages to participate in a FLC Stewardship Devotional Booklet! It’s easy! go to the fellowship hall bulletin board on the sanctuary side of the room pick a …


Plan for Healthier Eating

Want to eat healthier?  Plan ahead. We are often encouraged to value immediate gratification over long term benefits. We  arrive at lunch time, hungry, and without an easy healthy      option. It is so tempting to grab fast food or a cookie, or even a salad with lots of creamy dressing …


Revival-Ready for Fall!

As I write, the sun is beautifully warm and the winds are soft and cool. There are only a few more weeks before Labor Day weekend, the “unofficial” end to the summer. I am hoping that these words find you    having had – even a little – of a taste …

2016-07-02 pollen


Moses was actually addressing the people’s dissatisfaction with manna, but it brings to mind a summer challenge for many of us:  hay …

2016-07-02 world hunger appeal

ELCA World Hunger Appeal

$1,000 for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal Yes, it can be done at First Lutheran! A Challenge from Pastor Anne Beginning on …

Creation's Waters

Creations Waters

Coming to rest “by the water” is an invitation to remain in relationship with God in worship, prayer, and community, with the God who has claimed us in the waters of baptism as beloved, the God who generously feeds us at the banquet table of His body and blood. The gift of God’s relationship made real in Jesus Christ is a lifeline for us as individuals and as a community of faith.

Centennial Room Facelift

Thank you, Joy Carr, for reupholstering the loveseats in the Centennial Room.  What a breath of freshness they bring to the space.  …