Join our Prayer Team

Coleen Walther coordinates and if you have an email address and are willing to pray then we need you.  We trust in the power of prayer and ask you to join. 

Speaking to God on a regular consistent basis is vital to our spiritual growth as Christians.  It is also vital to our life.  If we spent our lives never talking to parents, brothers or sisters, or friends our lives would be very shallow, and sad.  So it is when we neglect to talk to God.  So each of us are encouraged by the example of Jesus who frequently spent time in prayer, apart from others, just speaking to our Heavenly Father.  So we who belong to Jesus, and also have God our Heavenly Father, need to imitate Jesus.  Talk about your day, your fears, your joys and concerns; pray for friends, spouse and family.

FLC Prayer List

You are encouraged to pray for those people on our prayer list.  They need healing, guidance, encouragement, and strength.

How do you get a person on to the Sunday prayer List?

  • Send us an email¬†to add a name to the Sunday Prayer List
  • Call the office at 207-797-2525 during the week.
  • Write the name on the prayer list on the clip board beside the lectern before worship.

Since the prayers change weekly, names need to be added again each week.  Each month, prayer list names from the previous few weeks are compiled into one list for publishing in the Newsletter.

ELCA Prayer Center

The ELCA Prayer Center provides a place to request prayers for you, your loved ones and your community by a network of prayer groups from across the United States and the Caribbean.  The Center also includes a prayer library, links to helping groups and much more.